Aug 192016

We are getting lots of GMs volunteering to run games at Barrage 2016.  Take a look at the Games tab on the Barrage Web page.  Wow!  Lots of good games are going to be run.

I am particularly excited by the number of Friday games.  When I talked everyone into making Barrage a two-day event, none of us were sure we would get people to take off work and join us on Friday.  Only time will tell, but we are getting a pretty good response, I think, including two tournaments.

  3 Responses to “The schedule is filling up!”

  1. On the schedule is filling up news clip it references a games tab. I do not see a games tab. Can you provide the url.

    When I select to register it gives page not found.

    Also, with the two day event could you recommend some hotels to stay?

    Thank you

    • Craig,
      The news item you are referencing is from August 19th 2016 and is discussing Barrage 2016.

      As Barrage 2017 has been postponed until January 19-20, 2018, registration will not open until November 6th, 2017.


  2. I am trying to register to put on a seminar but am still getting “need payment” notice. Buck said I should now be able to register.. Help, please?


    Tom Dye

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