Aug 082016

We added slots for four more players, since the tournament organizers believes that all of the original slots are full.  Wow!

  6 Responses to “The ADLG Tournament is almost full”

  1. Sign me up for the lads tourney please. Phil gardocki.

    • That’s L Art de la Guerre. Lads was an auto correct fail.

    • Phil,
      Registration for Barrage 2017 is not yet open as the convention has been postponed until January 19-20, 2018.
      (You commented on a blog entry from August 8th, 2016).

      Barrage 2017 registration is due to open on November 6th, 2017.

  2. Walt
    Sign me up

  3. Hey Walt sign Connor and myself up if you would, Jim T

  4. Please contact Walt Peace ( You will need to sign up for the convention, but Walt will provide us the names of those participating in the tournament.

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