Jul 262016

Kurt Reese will be running a FoW late war, 1750, three-round tournament on Friday 30 September at Barrage.  This is in addition to the FoW tournament run by Bob Everson and Eric Lauterbach on 1 October.  This means you can come to Barrage 2016 and play in TWO FoW tournaments the same weekend!

  4 Responses to “Second Flames of War Added to Barrage”

  1. Play will begin at 1130 hours

    1st: 1130-1400
    2nd: 1430-1700
    3rd: 1700-1930

  2. My name is Ron McFarland was wondering if I can get into the mid war tourney on sat oct 1. Would like to play Americans but can do German if necessary. Thank you all very much

    • Ron:

      This is a multi step process. First create an account on the Web page. You will receive a confirmation Email with a link you must click to finalize your account. (This protects use from spambots.) Then register for the convention and pay. Finally, you can sign up for the tournament. The tournament organizer will receive an Email with your information.

      Buck Surdu

      • Maynard:

        You should get an Email from Duncan Adams shortly confirming your table space.

        Buck Surdu

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