Aug 192016

We are getting lots of GMs volunteering to run games at Barrage 2016.  Take a look at the Games tab on the Barrage Web page.  Wow!  Lots of good games are going to be run.

I am particularly excited by the number of Friday games.  When I talked everyone into making Barrage a two-day event, none of us were sure we would get people to take off work and join us on Friday.  Only time will tell, but we are getting a pretty good response, I think, including two tournaments.

Jul 262016

Kurt Reese will be running a FoW late war, 1750, three-round tournament on Friday 30 September at Barrage.  This is in addition to the FoW tournament run by Bob Everson and Eric Lauterbach on 1 October.  This means you can come to Barrage 2016 and play in TWO FoW tournaments the same weekend!